The Idea

Affordable Natural Supplements is a comprehensive website created exceedingly for health freaks. We are a team of nutrition enthusiasts who want to ensure the correct nutrition for you. We combine our experience and quality research backed with expert advice.

The Beginning

Started in 2019. Not too back then, but a very different world it was. We started as a bunch of people who wanted to see the world healthier and nutritious. The ever-growing buzz of work and personal life had left no time for us to take care of our health. Then Affordable Natural Supplements was born. With the onset of Affordable Natural Supplements, we started researching extensively for the best nutritional products. We could see how difficult it is to choose from the numerous alternatives available in the market.

Our Mission

It’s important that we give the right advice and eliminate the unnecessary nonsense. Since the beginning we have ensured that our readers make informed and research-based decisions.

Our Team

Sarah Gaur

Chief Nutritional Expert

Hailing from the hills of India, I am Sarah Gaur, a clinical nutritionist with an M.Sc. in nutrition & dietetics from Symbiosis International University. I pursued my bachelors with triple majors in biotechnology, biosciences and chemistry. My passion for ensuring optimal nourishment amongst each and every individual and understanding their behavioural cognitions lead me to pursue nutritional psychotherapy. To achieve this, I also enrolled myself into a master’s degree in family therapy and counselling.

I am a creative person with versatile interests. Writing being one of them has connected me to my soul and I have been freelancing as a content writer for the past five years. Being a mental health enthusiast, I have been able to help more than 500 people change their lives. I have conducted sessions as a motivational speaker across various institutions I have worked with the healthcare sector, mental health firms, nutrition clinics, NGO’s, hospitals and schools. I run a mental & holistic health blog on Instagram called Kaysarahsarah_ and I wish to carry forward and fulfill my vision of a holistically healthy world. I believe that healing starts from the gut and I combine my experiences, skills and knowledge to deliver my best.