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New Chapter:: New Chapter Herbal Therapeutics :: New Chapter: Tranquilnite Plus - 30 SGels
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New Chapter: Tranquilnite Plus - 30 SGels

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  • Master everyday stress
  • Strengthens cardiovascular, adrenal, and immune system
  • Most powerful adaptogens from Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, and Russian traditional medical systems

  • The herbs in Supercritical Stress Advantage have been used for millenia by women and men under stress, to prepare them for the ultimate challenge - to create a dignified life well lived.

    Schizandra The berries of this vine are prized for enhancing physical and mental endurance and optimizing normal detoxification mechanisms. Considered the Emperor's Herb in Ancient China, its 5 flavors represent the five element energies of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    American Ginseng Most prized ginseng of the U.S., rich in a specific balance of ginsenosides (Rb1:Rg1) to gain that crucial advantage over stressful events.

    Eleuthero Contains constituents called eleutherosides that encourage balanced adrenal gland function and enhanced immune system intelligence.

    Rhodiola A rich source of salidrosides categorized by Russian researchers as an adaptogen possessing profound cardioprotective properties.

    Curcuma xanthorrhiza Rich in xanthorrhizol known for countering the stress elevation of the COX-2 inflammation enzyme. A foundation herb of Jamu, Indonesia's traditional medical system.

    Alpinia galanga Extract long revered for its ability to enhance sexual performance, soothe the digestive system and in modern research to reduce oxidative stress. A foundation herb of Jamu.

    Turmeric The world's most important herb supporting cardiovascular and detoxification systems under conditions of stress.

    AstragalusAncient Chinese herb valued for its ability to strengthen the cardiovascular and immune systems during periods of stress.

    Ginger Supports normal cardiovascular function, contains numerous natural COX-2 anti-inflammatory constituents and improves the formulation's bioavailability.

    Take two softgels daily, in the middle of a larger meal with an 8 oz. glass of water.