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Jarrow Formulas: CLA Slim, Satiety Smoothie - 17.8 Oz~



What does CLA Slim do?

Jarrow FORMULAS® CLA Slim combines the satiating effects of Slimaluma® with the lean muscle-enhancing activity of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA); in a low-carb, high-fiber protein shake.

Slimaluma® is a proprietary standardized extract of Caralluma fimbriata, an edible plant used for centuries in India as a famine food and appetite suppressant. A unique patented process extracts the essential constituents of the whole plant without chemical alteration to any of the key constituents, ensuring that the full benefits are delivered in concentrated form.

CLA is a lipid component of cell membranes and breast milk. Although dietary sources of CLA typically include red meat and dairy products, Jarrow FORMULAS® CLA is derived from safflower oil. CLA has been shown to assist in body fat reduction and enhancement/retention of lean body mass (muscle).* Each serving of CLA Slim delivers 1000mg of CLA.

No Refined Sugar. Dairy-Free. Great for vegetarians/vegans.

Suggested Usage
Take one serving 30 minutes before a meal. Mix 1 scoop (36 g) of powder with 6-8 oz. water, milk, soy milk or your favorite beverage. Pregnant or lactating women should consult a physician before taking CLA Slim.

Other Ingredients
Instantized oatmeal, stevia complex (maltodextrin, stevia), cocoa powder, soy protein, sunflower oil powder, FOS (fructooligosaccharides) and vanilla powder.

No wheat, no gluten, no dairy, no egg, no fish/shellfish, no peanuts/tree nuts.

Jarrow Formulas: CLA Slim, Satiety Smoothie - 17.8 Oz~ Formula