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Natural Factors: SlimStyles® PGX® SlimStyx Pkts. - 30 Gm.

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PGX (PolyGlycopleX) is a precise blend of naturally occurring water-soluble polysaccharides (fibers) that together, have highly unique and desirable properties for weight loss and overall good health.* PGX® is the result of extensive research by the University of Toronto and the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine.

PGX® is the world’s most viscous soluble fiber blend. What does viscous mean? Simply “to thicken”. Once PGX® is added to water or food it thickens or becomes viscous. The viscosity of soluble fiber is important as it relates directly to the overall health benefits.*

The most important advantage of PGX® over other soluble fiber products is that significantly less PGX® is required to obtain the same important health benefits, including appetite control and reduced food cravings.*

Why take PGX®?
PGX® has been clinically proven to:

  • Reduce appetite comfortably and safely*
  • Reduce food cravings*
  • Balance metabolism*
  • Improve regularity*
  • Maintain glucose levels already within normal range*

    PGX ® helps to reduce:
  • Hunger pangs*
  • Rebound weight gain*
  • Stress of dieting*

    Also try SlimStyles® with PGX® Weight Loss Drinks* – a blend of PGX ® and high quality whey protein with added nutrients that when blended with water make for a creamy, delicious smoothie! Available in 6 delicious flavors.

    Suggested Usage:
    Put 1 packet of PGX granules (2.5 g) into 12 oz of cold water or juice and stir briskly. Drink additional water (8 oz) after ingesting PGX. After 2 weeks, you may increase to 2 packets as needed or as directed by a health professional. Use daily before meals or with healthy snacks to greatly reduce appetite and curb food cravings.*

    NOTICE: You may experience a temporary change in your bowel movements as your body adjusts to the addition of the PGX®, usually in 3 to 7 days. Start off with half the dose and slowly work up to the full dose to help your body adjust to the PGX®. PGX® swells when mixed with liquid or food; therefore, it is important to drink adequate amounts of water (12 - 14 oz) immediately after ingesting PGX®.

    Caution: Keep out of reach of children. If you are under 18 years of age, pregnant or nursing, or have health concerns, consult your health professional before starting any weight loss plan. If taking medication, take one hour prior to, or two hours after taking PGX®.

    Serving Option: PGX® helps to curb your appetite and food cravings as well as promote overall good health.* PGX® mixes instantly in water or juice but may also be added to food such as yogurt, fruit salad, oatmeal or soup.

    PGX® is a completely unique blend of highly purified soluble fibers processed using advanced proprietary EnviroSimplex Technology and was developed through extensive research at a Canadian university and the Canadian Center for Functional Medicine. PGX® promotes weight loss when combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan. *Results may vary.

    Contains no artificial preservatives, color or sweeteners; no corn, dairy, soy, starch, wheat or yeast.

    Natural Factors: SlimStyles® PGX® SlimStyx Pkts. - 30 Gm. Formula