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Enzymedica: Kids Digest - 90 Servings

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We all recognize the value of good nutrition and proper digestion for adults; how much more so would that logic apply to the growing years of childhood.

What has been kept the same?
Kids Digest is a mild potency digestive enzyme formula, which covers all food groups. Its enzymes are all derived from plants. Enzymedica still stands by its commitment to not add fillers. And most important of all, Kids Digest relies on Enzymedica’s potent Thera-blend enzymes.

What has been changed?
No more swallowing caps! An easy to use scooper is found inside every container of Kids Digest. Just scoop and mix with your favorite juice. Potassium bicarbonate adds a fun fizz to whatever drink is used. Not for use with milk or water. Mix with juice only.

Natural Sweetener: Xylitol
Xylitol is a five-carbon sugar, a natural carbohydrate found in certain plant parts such as cauliflower. Xylitol is used as a natural and safe alternative sweetener.

Not only does Xylitol make a low calorie and delicious alternative to sugar it has a number of other special attributes.

Xylitol does not cause significant changes in blood glucose and insulin levels due to its slow absorption time, making it safe for diabetics and those trying to lose weight.
Research has shown, regular Xylitol consumption results in fewer cavities, improved gum health and fights bad breath.
Xylitol has even been effective in supporting bone health.

A Child's Digestion
More children than ever suffer the consequences of incomplete digestion. Enzymedica offers Kids Digest as a potent, safe and tasty support product to assist in the digestion and assimilation of the important nutrients they eat.

Recommended Usage
Mix 1 scoop in your child's favorite fruit juice. Not for use in milk or water.

Kids Digest Enzyme Blend
Component Benefits
Enzymedica uses an exclusive Thera-blend process for its protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase. Each of these enzymes actually represents multiple strains which are blended for their ability to break down numerous bonds in varying pH levels.

Enzymedica: Kids Digest - 90 Servings Formula