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Olympian Labs: Zinc Plus, 30mg - 100 Caps

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Zinc is a trace mineral that is essential for our body. It is found in muscle, our bones, skin, liver, pancreas, and other organs. Next to iron, it is the most available trace mineral in the human body. Zinc helps to boost immunity, repair wounds, maintain fertility, synthesize protein, aid in cell reproduction, and preserve vision. More than 300 enzymes in the body need zinc in order to function properly. A deficiency of zinc may impair the body's immune function.

There are many problems associated with zinc deficiency. Initially people have impaired protein synthesis and energy production, poor collagen formation, poor alcohol tolerance, loss of taste and smell, and many pregnancy related problems. Eventually, lack of zinc in your body can lead to reduced T-cell production that results in an increased number and frequency of infections. All of these problems are reversible when adequate zinc is taken. Zinc is not only necessary for healthy functioning of your body, but by bolstering the immune response, supplementation of zinc definitely reduces cold and flu symptom severity and duration.

Zinc Plus from Olympian Labs is key to continued good heath and for those times when you need an immune system boost. For those who have problems absorbing Zinc, this distinctive formula is bound in a base of Pumpkin Seeds, Kelp and Dulse. These herbs, rich in Zinc themselves, act as a support for Zinc absorption in the body so you can receive the maximum benefit of Zinc Plus.

Olympian Labs: Zinc Plus, 30mg - 100 Caps Formula