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Olympian Labs: Blue Green Micro Algae - 100 Caps

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In this age of nutritional awareness and health consciousness, the search for the perfect food has led to an amazing vegetable micro-organism called Spirulina. Spirulina, a type of Blue Green Algae, is Nature's most nutritious whole food. Containing hundreds of nutrients, working synergistically to maximize potency and effectiveness, Spirulina is the most complete source of vitamins and minerals on Earth. A natural source of beta-carotene, nontoxic iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin E, chlorophyll, calcium, amino acids, protein, gamma linolenic acid (GLA) and other antioxidants. It is, in fact, a complete source of all the natural vitamins and minerals a body needs on a daily basis.

This modern miracle plant is actually as old as the Earth itself. It occupies a unique biological niche in the plant kingdom. Spirulina is a freshwater blue-green algae. This microscopic plant descended from the world's first photosynthetic life form. It is composed of transparent, bubble-thin cells stacked end-to-end, forming a spiral filament. What makes Spirulina unique is that all the nutrition contained in this miracle plant is easily and totally digestible.

Ancient cultures were aware of Spirulina as an exceptional, life-generating food source and held its remarkable energizing and rejuvenating properties in high esteem. The Aztecs considered it a Sacred Power Plant. Priests and warriors sustained themselves (at times, solely) on dried Spirulina wafers. In 1980, when Spirulina was first made commercially available, it was called 'the food of the future'. NASA has chosen Spirulina as an ideal food to grow on space stations. It is the most efficient, oxygen-generating, high-potency food known to man.

Spirulina is so easily digestible that no laboratory synthesizing is required to extract its nutrients. Its amino acids are delivered in an essentially free-form state for instantaneous assimilation. Within moments, its concentrated nutrients, enzymes and living essences are absorbed into the bloodstream without the momentous loss of energy incurred in the digestion of ordinary foods.

Olympian Labs: Blue Green Micro Algae - 100 Caps Formula