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Olympian Labs: C2 Protein Maximizer - Vanilla - 2.0 Lb.~

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PREDIGESTED! ION EXCHANGED! CELL VOLUMIZING! HYDROLYZED! These statements probably sound very familiar to you thanks to the unbelievable amount of slick marketing campaigns out there selling the latest and greatest product to help you achieve your goals. Let’s face it. It isn’t great marketing that helps you get the lean, hard body you want, it’s the product behind the marketing. If your goal is a lean, hard and fit body, then you want C2 PROTEIN MAXIMIZER, the best low carb/high protein powder on the market today. Most protein powders are made using a single protein source. Not only that, they’re loaded with unwanted and unnecessary extra calories and sugar! C2 PROTEIN MAXIMIZER contains THREE protein sources: whey, soy and egg. Combining these proteins results in a more complete low calorie/high protein powder mix. C2 PROTEIN MAXIMIZER is the complete SUPER protein powder mix that can help you achieve the lean, hard physique you desire.

Not long ago, Craig Connors, owner of Olympian Labs and former bodybuilder, was looking for a triple combination protein powder for himself and his friends. There weren’t any! So, he went to the lab and created C2 PROTEIN MAXIMIZER. In fact, C2 Protein Maximizer is named after Craig. The research and development team at Olympian Labs then added a full spectrum of muscle enhancing/fat reducing vitamins, minerals and herbs. C2 Protein Maximizer also tastes amazing and has absolutely no added sugar!

Let’s look at why C2 PROTEIN MAXIMIZER works so well. The main ingredients of C2 PROTEIN MAXIMIZER are the triple combination of whey, soy and egg proteins, creatine, glutamine, green tea extract and essential branch chain amino acids. The triple protein combination in C2 PROTEIN MAXIMIZER is simply the best. Of all the proteins, WHEY PROTEIN has the greatest bioavailability. This means the body can absorb it better and faster than other proteins. Whey is not only high in protein but also low in fat. It helps to build lean body mass by increasing the body’s production of muscle. SOY PROTEIN, derived from non-GMO soybean plants, has the highest concentration of amino acids of all the proteins. This concentrated source of critical amino acids may help a bodybuilder spare muscle during a diet phase. It also may enhance fat loss during a low calorie diet. Soy proteins produce a substance called thyroxin, a major player in the regulation of metabolic rate. Last (but definitely not least) is the egg. EGG PROTEIN has long been regarded as one of the highest quality proteins available. Egg protein is nature's most perfect form of body soluble protein. In fact, egg protein is the standard to which all other forms of protein are measured. Egg protein contains all the essential amino acids in proper proportions and has the highest Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) available. These three hardcore proteins work together to provide you with a complete protein powder mix to help you build lean muscle and a great body!

CREATINE is a compound that is produced by metabolic processes in the body that helps to power the muscles during workouts. Unfortunately, it only lasts for short bursts of time which makes supplementation so important so you can optimize your workout gains. When taken as a supplement, creatine can increase both endurance and strength, making it possible to workout more intensely. Intense workouts can result in increased lean muscle mass gains. GLUTAMINE, an amino acid known as ~brain fuel~, is found in large amounts in the muscles and helps build and maintain them. Glutamine is a ~must have~ for anyone pursuing a better physique. It is essential for a quick recovery after your workout and aids in muscle cell hydration. GREEN TEA EXTRACT has been known for centuries for its antioxidant and antibacterial qualities. Containing compounds known as polyphenols, green tea extract has also been shown to help in weight loss by promoting the burning of fat and the regulation of blood sugar levels. Both are critical for achieving a lean, hard body. The BRANCH CHAIN AMINO ACIDS found in

C2 PROTEIN MAXIMIZER, L-valine, L-leucine and L-isoleucine, are key to providing energy directly to the muscle tissue. They help minimize protein breakdown during workouts by being used directly as fuel by the muscles. This spares other essential amino acids from being used up during intensive workouts.

SIMPLY THE BEST! C2 PROTEIN MAXIMIZER is the most complete and best tasting protein powder supplement available. Optimize the hard work you re doing by giving your body what it needs to get you lean, hard and fit.


Olympian Labs: C2 Protein Maximizer - Vanilla - 2.0 Lb.~ Formula