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Olympian Labs:: Olympian Labs Powerful Antioxidants :: Olympian Labs: Alpha Lipoic Acid, 200mg - 60 Ct.
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Olympian Labs: Alpha Lipoic Acid, 200mg - 60 Ct.

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The many benefits of Alpha Lipoic Acid have recently been discovered and made popular in healthy living circles. Scientists first discovered the importance of this substance in the 1950s, and recognized it as an antioxidant in 1988, but only recently has it made its way into American health food stores. Very potent and versatile, Alpha Lipoic Acid is apparently a special antioxidant. It has been the subject of a tremendous amount of basic research around the world, some being done at UC Berkeley.

Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) is one of the most powerful antiaging, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory available. It is known as the ~universal~ anti-oxidant because it is both fat and water-soluble. Vegetarians, dieters, and athletes often lack sufficient amounts of this important nutrient in their diet and almost everyone can use the protection it may provide to fight environmental stresses. It works in both the fatty cell plasma membrane and the aqueous interior of the cell to protect the body against free radicals. It is, in fact, 100 times stronger than Vitamin E and Vitamin C combined, both of which are known for their excellent anti-oxidant qualities. ALA protects DNA, the mitochondria (the energy producing portion of the cell) and reduces cellular inflammation. Dr. Perricone, noted dermatologist, highly recommends ALA in his Wrinkle-Free program. He states, ~The importance of alpha lipoic acid-the metabolic antioxidant-is hard to overstate. As you know the higher the energy level of the cell, the more youthful you remain.~

ALA has been found to act as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent, accelerate the removal of glucose from the bloodstream, improve insulin function and decrease insulin resistance and has been shown to inhibit replication of HIV in a test tube.

With the pollution, stress and challenges of modern living, Alpha Lipoic Acid, from Olympian Labs may well be the best protection you can give your body against aging and disease.

MAT: Maximum Assimilation Technology is a proprietary blend of nutritional ingredients that increases assimilation and bioavailability of nutrients by 30% or more, depending on the formulation.

Olympian Labs: Alpha Lipoic Acid, 200mg - 60 Ct. Formula