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Olympian Labs: CoQ10 Softgels, 100mg - 30 Softgels

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Coenzyme Q10 softgels from Olympian Labs may help increase energy levels, lower high blood pressure, detoxify your body, reduce free radicals dramatically and aid the function of all living cells.

CoEnzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a valuable, naturally occurring antioxidant necessary for energy production in every cell of the body. CoEnzyme Q10 is a component of every living cell. As body levels of CoEnzyme Q10 drop, so does the general status of health. Low levels can result in high blood pressure, heart attack, angina, immune system depression, periodontal disease, and lack of energy and obesity. University studies have shown that some overweight people have low levels of it and supplementation can help to control body weight. As more energy is required, the more CoQ10 is needed in the diet, especially in the heart and other tissues that require lots of energy.

CoEnzyme Q10 is an integral part of the immune cycle. When levels of CoQ10 are increased the immune system receives more help from antibiotic and anti-viral drugs. However, antibiotics do not help to rebuild the immune system. On the other hand, CoQ10 can naturally stimulate the immune system and result in a wider range of beneficial and protective effects.

This vitamin-like substance is found primarily in the heart. Like all muscles, the heart needs adequate energy to contract, and CoQ10 facilitates the production of that energy. In people with coronary heart disease, supplementation reduces the frequency of angina episodes and increases the amount of physical exercise that a person can perform before developing angina pain. Tissues that need the largest amounts of CoEnzyme Q10, like the heart, are those that require the most energy. Our internal ability to produce CoQ10 declines with age, and as we get older we must rely more on CoQ10 from our diets.

If you want help slowing the aging process, treating of an array of diseases and symptoms, increasing endurance and preventing the onset of disease as you age, get CoEnzyme Q10 softgels from Olympian Labs. Each softgel contains pure Crystalline CoQ10 imported from Japan under strict quality control conditions.

Olympian Labs provides a CoQ10 Softgel that does not contain Titanium Dioxide.

Olympian Labs: CoQ10 Softgels, 100mg - 30 Softgels Formula