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Olympian Labs: Phosphatidylserine Complex - 60 SGels

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New Information on Phosphatidylserine

Phosphatidylserine, one of a group of phospholipids, has long been known to have a positive effect on improving mental function. With age, the membranes around cells tend to get stiffer and more resistant to the normal movement of molecules. Less movement of molecules, including neurotransmitters across the membranes, means decreased function in brain cells. Phosphatidylserine and the other phospholipids literally ~unstiffen~ membranes allowing for more normal function. Phosphatidylserine, known mainly for its cognitive effects, also has cortisolsuppressive properties as well. Cortisol is known as the ~death hormone~. While cortisol secretions increases with age, growth hormone secretions decrease, which accelerates the aging process. Phosphatidylserine Complex by Olympian Labs contains the phospholipids, fatty acids and minerals needed to help maintain positive brain function and suppress cortisol production.

Muscle Breakdown
Cortisol is a steroid hormone made in the adrenal glands during times of physical or mental stress. One of cortisol’s critical functions in the body includes the regulation of the body’s use of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. In high doses, it also has a catabolic effect on the body, causing muscles to breakdown; an unwanted side- effect. Cortisol’s catabolic effects involve its facilitating the conversion of protein in muscles and connective tissue into glucose and glycogen. Cortisol may also decrease the utilization of glucose by cells by directly inhibiting glucose transport into the cells. This may lead to decrease in insulin sensitivity and reduce the utilization of amino acids for protein formation in muscle cells. A cortisol excess may also lead to a progressive loss of protein, muscle weakness and atrophy and loss of bone mass through increased calcium excretion and less calcium absorption. Of critical importance to anyone concerned with his or her health, excess cortisol may also cause a redistribution of bodyfat. Extremities lose fat and muscle while the trunk and face become fatter.

The Phosphatidylserine Solution
The bottom line is cortisol may literally be eating away at your muscle-building potential. Cortisol over-production may be remedied in several ways: healthy diet, decreasing stress, getting adequate sleep, and taking supplements with phosphatidlyserine. Phosphatidylserine Complex by Olympian Labs, may not only boost memory and counteract damages done to the brain caused by stress, it may also decrease high-levels of cortisol produced in times of high mental or physical stress, including intensive workout programs.

Phosphatidylserine Complex by Olympian Labs has been shown to aid in building healthier brain cells as well as improving concentration and improving body rhythms, including the response to stress and better sleep. If you are concerned about age-related brain loss or just your basic physical health during times of high stress, try Phosphatidylserine Complex by Olympian Labs. After all, what do you have to lose?

Olympian Labs: Phosphatidylserine Complex - 60 SGels Formula