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Olympian Labs: Glucosalage S04 - 100 Caps

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Glucosalage SO4, from Olympian Labs, was the first complete joint formula to market. This powerful joint formula contains a unique combination of Shark Cartilage, Glucosamine Sulfate and Cat’s Claw, all proven ingredients in helping fight the battle against common joint disorders and pain.

As a nutritional supplement, Shark Cartilage is renowned for providing potent support for the maintenance of healthy joints and cartilage. Shark Cartilage is a natural source of Chondroitin, also know as proteoglycans. These compounds are responsible for building and strengthening the ground substance of cartilage.

The anti-inflammatory effects of Cat's Claw have proven beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis and gout. As an antioxidant, it also helps protect cells from damage caused by free radicals. Its beneficial effects in treating arthritis pain may also be due, in part, to its ability to cleanse the digestive tract and aid in removing toxins from the body. Cat’s Claw has also been proven to prevent auto-immune dysfunction.

Glucosamine Sulfate functions as the primary building block for proteoglycans, large molecules in cartilage that give it buffering properties. When taken orally, Glucosamine Sulfate is absorbed readily into the system and can be traced to cartilage as soon as four hours after consumption. Similar to non-steroid, anti-inflammatory drugs, Glucosamine Sulfate has been shown to have unique anti-inflammatory effects. Additionally, in some laboratory tests, the supplement demonstrated a protective effect on the cartilage as well. These studies suggest that Glucosamine Sulfate may inhibit the breakdown of cartilage and may have the potential to help build-up cartilage.

When cartilage becomes worn, exposed bones can rub together and painful symptoms of joint degeneration, like osteoarthritis, may appear. Osteoarthritis can affect any joint, including those throughout the spine. Conventional medicine does not yet have a proven treatment to stop or slow the progression of osteoarthritis or any other joint disorders. Glucosalage SO4, from Olympian Labs, may be the natural relief of joint problems you are looking for.

WARNING: If you a diabetic do not take Glucosamine products. Glucosamine may cause an insulin response.

For alleviation of joint pain please try Olympian Labs Joint Comfort. This has been specially designed for diabetics.

Olympian Labs: Glucosalage S04 - 100 Caps Formula