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Twinlab:: Twinlab N-Z :: Twinlab: Na-PCA Liquid - 8 Oz.~
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Twinlab: Na-PCA Liquid - 8 Oz.~

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The Natural Moisturizing Factor in Human Skin. Twinlab Na-PCA is a Ph-balanced, concentrated solution of the sodium salt of pyrolidone carboxylic acid, the natural moisturizing factor found in human skin. Na-PCA is synthesized from glutamic acid, a nonessential amino acid. The skin contains natural moisturizers, the most important being Na-PCA. Old skin contains only about half the amount of Na-PCA as that found in young skin. The ability of skin to hold moisture is directly related to its Na-PCA content. It is water, and not oil, that keeps skin soft and supple. Na-PCA pulls water out of the air, moisturizing the skin, improving its appearance, and giving it a moist and youthful glow. This is not cosmetic cover up; it is a physiological correction of an age-related deficiency state.

Suggested Use: After bath or shower, spray Na-PCA liberally on the hands and apply to the face and other skin areas. Na-PCA may also be used to condition dry or damaged hair. To condition hair… wet hair before using. Apply Na-PCA and leave on hair for 5 minutes. Then rinse.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Na-PCA (the sodium salt of pyrrolidone carboxylic acid), Eucalyptus, Ethanol, Monolaurin (the principal antimicrobial factor in mother's milk).