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Twinlab: Amino Fuel 1000 Mg - 150 Tabs

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Amino Fuel Tablets have been especially designed for the serious bodybuilder and competitive power lifter. They can also be of enormous value to all strength and endurance athletes.

Amino Fuel Tablets provide a high-tech anabolic, bodybuilding formula containing L-carnitine, branched chain amino acids and pharmaceutical grade, peptide-bonded and free amino acids.

Amino Fuel amino acids are of the highest quality available, derived from the natural pancreatic digest of whey protein (lactalbumin) and egg white (albumin), nature's highest quality amino acid sources. Whey protein is the predominant protein in human milk and is of higher quality than casein, predominantly found in cow's milk.

Suggested Use: As a dietary supplement of natural amino acids (protein) for adults. Take 2-4 tablets with each meal and after each workout or as recommended by a professional trainer.

Typical Amino Acid Profile per Tablet: L-Lysine* 94.0mg; L-Histidine 14.0mg; L-Arginine 28.0mg; L-Aspartic Acid 115.0mg; L-Threonine* 53.0mg; L-Serine 48.0mg; L-Proline 51.0mg; L-Alanine 44.0mg; Glycine 18.0mg; L-Glutamic Acid 169.0mg; L-Cystine 53.0mg; L-Valine* 53.0mg; L-Methionine* 22.0mg; L-Isoleucine* 51.0mg; L-Leucine* 129.0mg; L-Tyrosine 37.0mg; L-Phenylalanine* 36.0mg; L-Tryptophan* ** 20.0mg; L-Carnitine 5.0mg

*The eight essential amino acids **The L-tryptophan in this product is naturally present in the protein. It is not added or manufactured.