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Nature's Way:: Nature's Way Probiotics :: Nature's Way: Primadophilus® for Children - 5 Oz.
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Nature's Way: Primadophilus® for Children - 5 Oz.

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Primadophilus for Children is especially designed for children 5 years of age and under. It contains specially selected strains of freeze-dried microorganisms in a neutral base. Our product is kept refrigerated throughout the manufacturing process and should be kept in the refrigerated portion of your local Nature's Way retailer.

Usage Primadophilus for children is designed to deliver helpful bacteria to the gut. These microorganism strains are essential to maintaining healthy intestinal flora. Under normal conditions, trillions of bacteria exist in the intestines. As part of the body's defenses they help maintain good health by preventing harmful microorganisms from infiltrating the body. Medications taken to combat illness or infection can reduce the number of beneficial bacteria as an unwanted side effect. To maintain the healthy balance add Nature's Way Primadophilus for Children to your child's daily health regimen.*

Recommended Daily Dosage Mix one level teaspoonful of Primadophilus for Children powder (3 grams) per day with a meal. May be added to liquids, infant formulas, or foods. Intensive dosage: After two weeks at the usual dosage, intake may be increased to two level teaspoonfuls of Primadophilus for Children (6 grams) per day. To maintain maximum potency keep refrigerated.

Serving size - 1 teaspoon (proprietary formula)

Primary Ingredients Bifidobacterium infantis Bifidobacterium longum Lactobacillus acidophilus Lactobacillus rhamnosus Proprietary Blend Vitamin C

Other Ingredients Corn Syrup Solid, Maltodextrin

Quality Issues Product Quality Issues: This formula is an easy-to-use powder form that readily mixes in any liquid, infant formula or food. Designed for children too young to take capsules, this formula utilizes a special potency and dosage to ensure that enough viable bacteria are introduced into the intestine.

Product Q&A

Does this product mix well with water? Yes.