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Nature's Way:: Nature's Way Vitamins :: Nature's Way: Glucosamine HCl - 90 Caps
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Nature's Way: Glucosamine HCl - 90 Caps

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The most versatile and bioavailable amino sugar the body converts into essential biomolecules.

Usage Glucosamine is often called cellular glue. It is the main building block for semi-fluids that lubricate the joints and fill their cushioning sacks (bursa) It also forms the core of skeletal bone and of cell recognition molecules. Recognition molecules are used by the body's defense systems to distinguish it's own cells from other substances.*

Recommended Daily Dosage One capsule three times a day; you may increase to four to six capsules a day if you are experiencing a great deal of pain. Maintenance dose is one capsule a day.

Serving size - 1 capsule

Primary Ingredients Amount USRDA Glucosamine HCl 500 mg 0%

Other Ingredients Gelatin, Millet

Quality Issues Hypoallergenic. Contains no yeast, milk, lactose, wheat, sugar, soy or corn.

Usage Warnings Causes some gastric upset in a very small proportion of patients who are simultaneously using diuretics.

A very small proportion of patients with peptic ulcers experience some gastric upset.

Product Q&A

How does Glucosamine heal osteoarthritis? When osteoarthritis progresses, it causes a loss of joint space, and the cartilage covering the articular surfaces of bone begin to show damage on X-rays. Glucosamine stimulates connective tissue production and the repair of arthritic joints.

How long does it take for Glucosamine to work? Glucosamine does not work like pain relievers to simply relieve symptoms. Instead it is one of the major building blocks for the bodyŐs natural synthesis of collagen and the materials that make up cartilage. In this way Glucosamine rebuilds damaged joints.

How long do the effects of Glucosamine last? While each individual is different, research indicates that pain reduction from Glucosamine is long term.