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Nature's Way: CLA One Softgel - 90 SGels

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CLA One® CLA One‚ the PharmaNutrients’ branded, commercially available form of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), is redefining the role CLA will play in the Nutrient industry.

CLA One was established with a foundation of strong product and manufacturing R&D and scientific validation similar to the pharmaceutical industry.

Derived from natural safflower oil containing a high level of linoleic acid, the necessary precursor to CLA, PharmaNutrients ensures our product to be cleaner, purer and more appealing. CLA One is manufactured with fewer byproducts, low oxidation and a clear, water white appearance. Our proprietary process results in a product with a Gardner scale less than 2, a peroxide level well below 10, and an acid value range between 195 - 205.

CLA One content is verified by independent, third-party laboratory analysis to contain a minimum 75% total CLA and a minimum 70% of the active isomers most commonly associated with physiological effect. Other suppliers generously “round up” these percentages, providing a misleading representation of their product’s quality.

CLA One is an exceptional compound offering you a competitive advantage with: Access to PharmaNutrients patents, as well as access to WARF and other research hospital and university patents Potential product and market applications beyond Body Composition into other health issues and areas Opportunities to generate new revenues and an improved margin structure with CLA One-based products CLA One is available in bulk oil, softgel, licap capsule and powder forms to natural product manufacturers and retailers, natural product manufacturers and functional food marketers.